Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Vegas Convention

Just returned from the Vemma Convention in Las Vegas, it was fabulous! Our upline Vemma Brand Partners, have been telling us that it would change our lives...It WAS so very inspiring and motivating, now I just need to maintain my thinking every day in order to keep that positive momentum going! Our days were very full with no time for any of the Vegas distractions...but it was so worthwhile...way intense (in a good way)!

We had been planning our trip since October and my husband made the flight reservations then because Southwest Airlines was having a great deal on airfare at that time. We were all set to leave last Thursday and when we got up that morning he realized that he had made the reservations backwards... Las Vegas to Phoenix, Phoenix to Las Vegas! AND, of course, when you want to make changes in your flights there is always a fee, this time it was over $500! I don't think so! Hence, we rented a car and drove! To prepare for the return trip we had to go back to our room and sleep for a few hours, after attending the final awards dinner, then get up in the middle of the night, check out and drive back to Phoenix so that my husband could make an early flight back to Calgary, Alberta, Canada! We will always have a good story to tell about the misadventure of our first Convention!

During the convention, an exciting new product was introduced to the Vemma Family: THIRST a "Healthy Hydration" Sports Drink. There is absolutely nothing like it on the market! Once again, Vemma brings us another cutting edge product for our health and wellness. What an amazing company! I am so grateful that this business was introduced to me and that I can be a part of it. I've been looking for something like this my whole life!